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What type of flowers do you offer?

– We specialize in high quality roses for now; our farm has been growing them for over 31 years.

I don’t know much about roses, how will I make sure they stay fresh?

– We will send you extensive rose care tips once you receive your first delivery which will help make you a pro in no time. You can also find these tips on our Instagram page at any time

How many stems do I get for 600ksh?

That will be our regular 20 stem bouquet; this will be adequate for a normal sized vase

When will I receive my bouquet?

– We pick our roses every Saturday morning from the farm going straight into deliveries to ensure they arrive at your doorstep at peak freshness. On occasion we can deliver on Sunday or Monday latest, but this option is neither advised nor available always.

What does the packaging look like?

Usually comes in a brown eco friendly sleeve but can occasionally be packaged in a clear sleeve for gifting options

How can I change the bouquet I usually receive?

– Just call, text, Whatsapp or DM us on any of our socials and we will update your profile for you

Where’s your shop?

– We are a purely online store for now but you can view our wide range of roses here or call us at any time.

The Subscription

Can I order just once?

– Yes you can. Contact us to see what’s available

Why get a subscription instead of just ordering once?

– A subscription allows you access to all the variety of roses we have and are top priority to receive freshly cut roses straight from the farm. Not to mention all the surprise gifts and discounts exclusive to our subscribers.

Is there another way to subscribe?

– It is preferable to subscribe via our website as it gives you the best user experience. However if unable to, you can call, text, Whatsapp or Dm us; we are always available to help.

What if I want to skip a delivery?

– You can skip a delivery at any time; just make sure to let us know by Wednesday of the week you’re scheduled to receive your order.

What’s your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Feel free to give us feedback on your experience and how we can improve our services.

How do I report an issue/ problem?

Reach us at any time through any avenue and we will be sure to deal with your concerns in a timely manner.

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